Get Rid of Your Ugly Popcorn Ceilings at Last

Turn to your local popcorn ceiling removal company

Decades ago, popcorn ceilings were the latest and greatest trend in home d├ęcor. Nowadays, however, homeowners have discovered what a hassle they really are. If you still have popcorn ceilings in your home or commercial property, Affordable Custom Services can help. We remove popcorn ceilings in Venice, Florida and surrounding areas.

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Why you should remove your popcorn ceiling ASAP

You probably don't want to devote all your free time to scraping popcorn off your ceiling. But that doesn't mean you want it to stay there, either. Popcorn ceilings are:

  • Unattractive: Trends change, and popcorn ceilings have definitely fallen out of fashion over the last 30-40 years.
  • Difficult: Popcorn ceilings make it difficult to paint, repair or alter your ceiling in any way.
  • Dangerous: If your popcorn ceilings were installed before 1978, they could contain cancer-causing asbestos. These need to be removed by a professional.

Don't spend the next several weeks cleaning popcorn particles out of your carpet and furniture. Call 941-404-3895 now to schedule professional popcorn ceiling removal service.

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